Algonquin College DARE District

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Algonquin College DARE (Discovery, Applied Research, and Entrepreneurship) District offers students three levels of fully-equipped makerspace designed to transform ideas into reality.

The building, considered the “heart of the campus” includes an extensive library, innovation hubs, cybersecurity centre, an Indigenous Commons, and other amenities that facilitate growth and creativity.

Located in Ottawa, Canada, within the Western Quebec Seismic Zone, the building required additional protection from earthquake activity. Cast Connex® High Strength Connectors™ (HSCs) were used at the ends of HSS brace members in the seismic-resistant concentrically braced frames.

High Strength Connectors are standardized, capacity-designed brace end connectors that accommodate bolted double-shear connection between round HSS braces and a typical corner gusset plate. By eliminating shear lag in the brace connection and standardizing connection details, the use of the connectors vastly simplifies connection design. As the connectors eliminate the need to field weld braces to the frame, they significantly speed erection and reduce the cost of special inspection.

In this application, the HSCs perform in plain sight, increasing the safety of the building and its occupants while blending seamlessly with the design.

Owner: Algonquin College
Architect: Diamond Schmitt Architects with Edward J. Cuhaci and Associates Architects Inc.
Structural Engineer: Adjeleian Allen Rubeli Limited
Steel Fabricator: Carlton Iron Works