Diablo Bolted Splices

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CAST CONNEX® Diablo Bolted Splices™ are cast steel fittings that enable unobtrusive field bolted splices between circular hollow sections. The fittings are designed such that the bolted connection is inboard of the outer diameter of the connected elements. Splices made with Diablo Bolted Splices can be sheathed in thin-gauge plate to completely conceal the splice or can be left uncovered for a sleek, technical connection aesthetic.

Diablo Bolted Splices are supplied including drilled bolt holes. All of the fittings can accomodate four fasteners, though our fittings for 12.75-inch (324 mm) outer diameter HSS can also be supplied to accomodate 8 fasteners.  Hand wrenches must be used for bolt tensioning in the field. Fasterns and cover plates (if required) are not included.