High Integrity Blocks

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CAST CONNEX® High Integrity Blocks® are specially manufactured solid steel elements which simplify the design and fabrication of – and provide unparalleled strength, quality, and reliability in – heavily loaded structural connections and elements.

As a result of intensive research and development paired with careful manufacturing control, CAST CONNEX is able to deliver ultra-heavy, weldable structural steel sections (up to 4-foot x 4-foot cross sections, and up to 50-feet in length depending upon cross-sectional dimensions) which exhibit up to 65 ksi (450 MPa) yield strength in all three directions of loading and through the full cross-section of the steel section.

High Integrity Blocks are ideal for use within the center of multi-axis loaded structural connections where lamellar tearing of hot rolled plate may compromise quality and strength of the connection or where the lamination of multiple steel plates to build up a solid section is not advisable due to the need to transmit forces orthogonal to the laminations.

As the achievable mechanical properties are a function of the configuration and size of the High Integrity Block, we encourage designers interested in their use to contact us during the design phases of the project for design and specification support.