Architectural Tapers + Universal Pin Connectors

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Elegance. Simplicity. Consistency.

When used together, CAST CONNEX® Architectural Tapers™ and CAST CONNEX® Universal Pin Connectors™ lend a slender appearance to columns, braces, struts, or other structural members.  The end condition also enables the use of a smaller-sized Universal Pin Connector than would otherwise fit the structural member.

As fabrication of true-pin connections to hollow structural section (HSS) members is difficult, particularly when aesthetics are a concern, the use of Universal Pin Connectors and Architectural Tapers vastly simplifies the design, detailing, and fabrication of critical architecturally exposed structural connections and significantly improves the aesthetic value of the finished assembly.

Universal Pin Connectors are a complete connection solution, as they are supplied with the associated carbon steel pins and electropolished stainless steel washers, cap plates, and cap screws.

  • More slender-appearing structural elements
  • Smooth, curving transitions from every viewpoint
  • Eye-catching end connections for compression struts, column bases, truss web members, or anywhere a load bearing true-pin connection is desired
  • Connection details provided with tabulated connection capacities
  • Dramatically simplified fabrication and a fraction of the grinding that typically accompanies AESS
  • Consistent and reliable architectural appearance